Sirius Sportster 5 Satelitte Radio Tuner

Sirius Sportster 5

Online radio has become quite popular nowadays. It allows you to enjoy commercial free radio from hundreds of channels to choose from. And there are gadgets that allow you to enjoy listening to online radio channels wherever you may be. There are gadgets that allow you to listen to your favorite online channels from your home, car or while taking a walk. But probably the best and the most convenient way to receive Sirius radio is by having a dock and play radio. One such example is the Sirius Sportster 5.

A dock and play radio allows you to enjoy listening to Sirius radio channels from your car, your home from your own boom box, as long as there is a compatible dock available. The Sirius Sportster 5 allows you to enjoy hundreds of commercial free radio programs of your choice. The Sirius Sportster 5 also features 30 presets that allow you to have fast access to your favorite channels. With the Sirius Replay feature, you may be able to pause, rewind, and replay an hour’s worth of live radio. A large multi-color display allows for easy viewing and simple navigation menus makes the radio a cinch to use. Optional universal docking kits and audio systems are also available to allow you to use it in your home, boat, or office aside form your car.


Image source: Sirius 


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