Singing Machine Home: Turn your TV into karaoke machine

Singing Machine Home

Singing Machine Home

If karaoke is huge in your household, you’d understand how some systems can take a lot of space. Turn your tiny apartment into a weekend karaoke bar with the Singing Machine Home. This orb-shaped device primarily works as a Bluetooth speaker, but connect it to a TV via HDMI and it converts into a WiFi-enabled karaoke machine.

It comes with a wireless mic-remote hybrid that lets you browse through the Singing Machine Home’s subscription-based library of over 8,000 songs. The TV gets the lyrics through cloud storage, as well as displays high-def karaoke music videos. You can also pick avatars that for you and your friends, which can be used as idendity marks as to who sings next.

Meanwhile, as a Bluetooth speaker, the Singing Machine Home works with most mobile devices from smarpthones to laptops.

This device is set an upcoming Best Buy exclusive. The Singing Machine Home rolls out in Best Buy’s brick-and-mortars stores and on in late October, with an initial price of $299.

Source: Engadget

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