Sinclaire's Eon Extreme Pocket LED Flashlight

Having a small yet powerful flashlight around is always a good idea. You can never know when you will find yourself in the dark, whether inside or outside your home. And It pays to have a pretty handy light source that you can easily put into your pocket like the new Eon Extreme Pocket LED Flashlight.

The Eon Extreme Pocket LED Flashlight is not like any ordinary LED flashlight. Although it may be the size of a credit card, it packs quite a high power to weight ratio. It is capable of providing a good 230 lumens of flood light in its small size, thanks to twin hyperbright power chip LED’s. The Eon Extreme LED Flashlight is set to be available sometime in the first quarter of 2011. it is expected to cost around 50 UK pounds or US$78.

Image Source: Iain Sinclair

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