Silva SIJU Headlamp

Getting around in the dark can be quite difficult. Going around in the dark with your hands full is even worse. You may not be able to handle a flashlight to light your way in such instances. So why not use this Silva SIJU Headlamp to light your way when its dark?

The Silva SIJU Headlamp is similar to a miner’s lamp but without the helmet. It is a compact LED light fixed on a secure headband that you can adjust to fit comfortably in your head. Two LED bulbs provide medium beam lighting at 16 lumens capable of lighting up to 18 meters up front. This headlamp is also water resistant and comes with a battery that can last for up to 48 hours. The Silva SIJU Headlamp is available at Firebox for 15 UK Pounds or around US$25.

Image Source: MSI

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