Sigma A.P.O. Wireless Handheld Mouse Introduced In Japan

Although Japan may have gone through quite a lot lately with the earthquake, tsunami and the nuclear crisis, life fortunately still goes on despite what most of the country is facing. And when it comes to introducing new products, the country still try to take an active role somewhat. One of the recent ones introduced is the Sigma A.P.O. SGMRF3 Wireless Handheld Mouse.

The Sigma A.P.O. SGMRF3 Wireless Handheld Mouse may be something that mostly laptop users may find quite useful. It is a wireless mouse that is held when used instead of being dragged across a flat surface. It provides an alternative navigation option for laptop users who may sometimes find using the track pad quite inconvenient.

The SGMRF3 Wireless Handheld Mouse somewhat looks like a pointing device used in making office presentations. It is equipped with a trackball that is used to control the computer pointer on the screen as well as 5 other standard buttons. The Sigma A.P.O. SGMRF3 Wireless Handheld Mouse is expected to be available in the Japanese market in April. It is expected to cost around 5,980 Japanese Yen or around US$74.

Image Source: Sigma A.P.O.

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