Sifteo Game Cubes

Video and console games usually are the same no matter what system you use. Gameplay usually requires the use of typical controllers to move around in a game environment. That is why a unique system of game play only comes once in a while that may look different like what the new Sifteo Game Cubes offer.

Sifteo Cubes may look different in that they are small 1.5 inch cubes that are actually computers. They have full-color displays that can also sense motion as well as other Sifteo Cubes placed beside it. It can also communicate wirelessly with a computer which is needed to play games.

The Sifteo Cubes makes more use of interactive gameplay. In order to play games on the Sifteo, users are required to either move around the different cubes to achieve certain tasks. For example, each cube can stand for a letter that can be rearranged to form words. Sifteo Game Cubes provides a unique system of gameplay that may be a cut above the usual computer games. A Sifteo set consisting of 3 initial cubes will cost around US$149 and may be available around Fall of this year.

Image Source: Sifteo

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