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Sierra Designs Mojo UFO Tent

For avid campers and outdoorsmen, going outdoors usually comes with bringing along some necessary equipment. They can get pretty bulky and burdensome when you add it up. It pays to have some of them lightened up a bit. The Sierra Designs new Mojo UFO Tent may be quite a help.

The Sierra Designs Mojo UFO Tent may be considered as a tent of the future. For one, this tent only weighs around less than 2 pounds. It makes use of special ultralight material known as cuben fiber, a highly durable fabric used mainly in sails, as an alternative to standard nylon and polyester. It also makes use of lightweight but sturdy carbon fiber poles to make up the lightest two-person tent in the market today. But one of its disadvantages may not be because of its construction, but because of its price. The new Sierra Designs Mojo UFO Tent is expected to cost around US$1,800 when it becomes available in the market.

Image Source: Engadget

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