Sidewalk Buddy Android App

Texting or even just browsing over a smartphone has almost become an addiction for many people. It has gone bad to worse in many cases. Many people can’t seem to stop checking out their smartphones even while walking.

Although there have been laws against using a smartphone while driving, there’s nothing yet made when it comes to using a smartphone while walking. Although it might not be that dangerous compare to driving and texting, such habit can cause accidents just the same. And while having such a habit may be hard to overcome, some people can instead make use of the Sidewalk Buddy Android app for help.

The Sidewalk Buddy is a handy app for Android smartphones that can help smartphone users from watching where they are going. This handy app makes use of the smartphone’s rear camera to aid smartphone users into watching where they are going. Sidewalk Buddy provides a live video feed in a pop-up window. It allows smartphone users to check out where they are going even if their eyes are on their smartphone display screen and not in front of where they’re going. This will help prevent getting into accidents while walking, if the texting while walking habit cannot be remedied. The Sidewalk Buddy Android app is available for free download at Google Play.

Image Source: Google Play

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