Sideclick Streaming Remote Add-on

SideclickStreaming media services have recently become quite popular. The trend is that they may someday take over where cable TV stands right now. Along with these new services come new devices such as a separate streaming remote control. It can be a hassle since people have to deal with a remote control to many when enjoying streaming media through their television. Streaming device remote controls do not work with television remotes and vice versa. But there is a way to streamline these devices with the help of the Sideclick Streaming Remote Add-on.

The Sideclick Streaming Remote Add-on is a simple solution for people who wish to have just a single remote control to use for both their TV and their streaming service. The Sideclick is essentially a programmable remote control for TV that users can attach to one of the popular streaming services. When attached to the remote of the streaming device, users now have the convenience of using just a single remote to use for both the TV and the streaming device. The Sideclick uses IR learning technology to program each button for the most common TV functions. The buttons can also be programmed to function for the sound system. There are 4 different models of the Sideclick to work with the 4 most popular streaming services today- Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick and Apple TV. Each service comes with a different remote control design, hence the need to make Sideclick available in four different remote control attachment options.

The Sideclick Streaming Remote Add-on is currently undergoing a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter. A pledge of $30 will get you a Sideclick. You also need to specify what type of streaming service you have at home. The early contributors will have first dibs on the Sideclick as it is expected to be available in October of this year.

Image Source: Kickstarter

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