Shuttle X350 Slim PC Now In The US

With PC’s ever getting more powerful with more advanced specs, it might get quite difficult making them in slimmer and smaller designs. But this has been something that PC maker shuttle has been known for, creating small form factor (SFF) PC’s. And the latest release that they have for the US market is the Shuttle X350.

The Shuttle X350 Slim PC may just be the smallest PC yet from this industry leading company when it comes to high performance SFF PC’s. The Shuttle X350 come in only at 1.5 inch thick, quite small indeed for any current PC design. But with its size comes powerful specs that include a dual core Intel Atom D510 processor along with NVIDIA ION graphics card offering true 1080p HDMI output (optional) with enough space to slip in a slim optical drive. The meticulous design of the X350 Slim PC also allows it to go fan less, dust free as well as virtually maintenance free. The Shuttle X350 Slim PC is set to be available any time now. There’s no news yet on how much it will cost in the Us market.

Image Source: Shuttle

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