Shuttle H7 5800 Gaming Computer

H7 5800

Shuttle’s H7 5800 is created with the hardcore gamer in mind. According to the press release, the H7 5800 is designed to "bring worlds and characters to life."

To achieve this, Shuttle set it up with Intel® CoreTM i7 processor plus, the latest high definition graphics cards from either NVIDIA (GeForce GTX 280) or ATI (Radeon HD4870).

Intel’s next generation processor allows gaming without a lag, thanks to its four-core power; while NVDIA and ATI graphic cards let gamers enjoy every game detail in high-definition quality. Shuttle even improve on its audio by equipping the H7 5800 with surround sound technology plus a 7.1 channel high definition audio system.

And when you’re not playing, the H7 5800 lets you do more tasks and run more programs simultaneously, thanks to its 16GB of DDR3 memory. And since it is designed with many hard drive options, you’ll have more space to save all your files.

Shuttle’s H7 5800 Gaming Computer’s starting price is at $450. Available at

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