Shots Gun Drink Dispenser

Cocktail parties and playing cowboys may never be two separate activities ever again. Not when the Shots Gun Drink Dispenser is around. And this may just turn cocktail parties into something that straight from a salon.

Of course, as kids, men used to play cowboys. Apparently, we guess its not too late for that. This is some ingenious gadget that allows anyone to make parties far more enjoyable and at the same time fun. Cool thing about this is that it has the ability to make life easier.

Utilizing this is not at all that difficult. All you need is to acquaint yourself with the manual. To use this, simply attach the holster to the bottle and pump the lever of the gun which serves as its trigger. You will be squirting whiskey in your glass in no time. Voila, the party begins!

The gun dispenser has a dimension of 72 millimeters in height, 140 millimeters in width and 25 millimeters in diameter. Meanwhile, the holster is about 125 x 135 millimeters with a diameter of 80 millimeters.

Complete with a replica of a wild-west revolver and holster, the Shots Gun Drink Dispenser costs from $22 to $30.73 and is available online in or, respectively.

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