Shogun Bros Chameleon X1 Wireless Gamepad Mouse

Having a device that offers only a single feature seems to be no longer that popular nowadays. People today tend to look for devices that offer some level of versatility by having several useful features. On the gaming front, one of such new devices is the Chameleon X1 Wireless Gampad Mouse from Shogun Bros.

The Shogun Bros Chameleon X1 is designed as a typical PC wireless mouse but with added features. It also functions as a wireless game controller for PC games as well as a handy remote control and presenter. This gives the Chameleon X1 some level of versatility not usually available in other optical mouse types. The Shogun Bros Chameleon X1 Wireless Gamepad Mouse is set to be available in the market anytime soon. It is expected to cost around US$55.

Image Source: Shogun Bros

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