Shippon Self Watering Animals

Shippon Self Watering AnimalsSome people love to care for plants, so much so that they try to care for one practically anywhere they are. For most people, that place can be the office. But offices can only provide limited spaces to care for plants. Employees can only have a small area in their cubicles to place a small, tiny plant. Care for these plants better by using the Shippon Self Watering Animals for some help.

The Shippon Self Watering Animals are ceramic animal figurines that come with long fabric tails to soak up water. Each lively ceramic animal carries a backpack where people can add soil and place a small plant into. Each animal can then perch on the edge of any glass or mug. Once the glass or mug is filled with water, the fabric tails slowly absorb water that leads to each miniature plant cultivated on the small backpack that the Shippon Self Watering Animals wear.

With the Shippon Self Watering Animals, people can brighten up their surroundings by having miniature plants around. The Shippon Self Watering Animals comes in three animal varieties- a dog, a cat and a monkey. Each animal also carries a type of delicious herb to adorn an office table or windowsill. It is available at Firebox for 10 UK Pounds or around $15.

Image Source: Firebox

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