Sharp RX-V60 Cocorobo Robot Vacuum

With robot vacuums now becoming more and more popular, it will only take some time before they become a common appliance in every home. The convenience they offer makes them that much of a gadget that a home must have. And as robot vacuums become popular, more and more of them are built to become smarter and even more efficient, like this new Sharp RX-V60 Cocorobo Robot Vacuum.

The new Sharp RX-V60 Cocorobo Robot Vacuum comes in a smaller unit compared to its predecessor that was introduced earlier this year. This new robot vacuum now just comes at 29.7cm in diameter, which is 4.7cm smaller than an earlier model. It has features that make it a smarter robot vacuum this time.

The Sharp RX-V60 Cocorobo Robot Vacuum features a power vacuum system that can even suck up the dust from the gaps in wood floors. And because of its smaller size, it can easily navigate around smaller spaces, especially in between the legs of chairs. It also can provide before and after cleaning photos of areas around the home. The new Sharp robot vacuum also works with a Cocorobo Square smartphone app that allows users to create cleaning patterns and map out floor plans to guide the robot vacuum when it does its work. It can even react to spoken commands.

But what makes it a smarter robot vacuum is its ability to work with the Cocorobo Navi system. The Sharp RX-V60 can also be fitted with an optional Cocorobo Navi remote attachment that allows users to control other devices in the home such as lights and the TV. It currently works with selected Sharp appliances but will eventually also work with other branded home devices.

A two-hour charge allows the Sharp RX-V60 up to 50 minutes of cleaning time. It automatically finds its way to its charging dock when its power is running low. The Sharp RX-V60 Cocorobo Robot Vacuum is expected to be available in Japan by December. It is expected to cost around US$900, while its Navi add-on will go for an additional US$190.

Image Source: Engadget

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