Sharp LC-32D47UT

 Sharp LC-32D47UT

Most customers look for picture quality when looking to purchase an LCD TV. For shoppers at the entry-level price point however, there are other considerations namely: features and energy efficiency.

Regarding Sharp LC-32D47UT’s features, it has a third HDMI input conveniently mounted on the side panel – a feature similar LCDs don’t usually get. As for its energy-saving capability; it can only save you a few bucks every year, but then when you think of the longevity of the typical bedroom TV, those few bucks every year could add up.

The downside to the LC-32D47UT is that, despite its deep black levels, comes in other areas of picture quality, namely its color and video processing. But if you like an extra HDMI input and some penny saving energy-efficiency, then you should include the Sharp LC-32D47UT in your consideration list.

Source: CNET

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