Sharp Introduces First Mobile 3D HD Camera Nodule

It appears that Sharp has a fascination for anything 3D. It has already unveiled a new 3D touchscreen for mobile devices, then the first ever four-primary 3D display, and a 3D e-book reader. Today, add another 3D product to this growing list as Sharp introduces the first ever 3D camera module that can be attached in mobile devices. This product is compatible with the likes of cellphones, digital cameras, tablet computers, or even hand-held gaming systems.

Specs are pretty sparse as of the moment, but there have been reports that the module will be able to shoot 3D photos and videos in HD quality using such attached devices.

The company plans on shipping the gadget to hardware retailers as early as July, then followed by mass-producing the 3D camera module within this year.

Source: Sharp World, via CrunchGear

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