Sharp Chop-Syc: Your interactive chopping board

Sharp Chop-Syc

Sharp Chop-Syc interactive chopping board

Ever had that moment when you were chopping tomatoes and you wonder, “I wish my chopping board works like a tablet”? Sharp hears you, all right, as the company announces a prototype interactive chopping board that has the potential to become an actual consumer product.

The Sharp Chop-Syc is actually a tablet with a tough, scratch-resistant glass, wrapped in a body that can be placed on a wireless rechargeable mat. That eliminates the worry of having any wires accidentally chopped off. This prototype gadget is an idea of Siobhán Andrews, who won a competition to become Sharp UK’s paid intern.

This interactive chopping board is embedded in a wooden block that is 2mm higher around the edge to prevent spillage. Its screen is slightly slanted and tapered on one end, making it easier to transfer food ingredients to a pan.

Sharp Chop-Syc interactive chopping board

The Sharp Chop-Syc will display automated recommendations on healthy portion sizes, as well as on-screen recipes that adjusts its portions depending on how many people you intend to cook for.

“Siobhán’s design integrates Sharp’s heritage in both LCD screen technology and home technologies,” said Ian Thompson, managing director of Sharp Laboratories of Europe. “Not only was Siobhán’s idea innovative, the device also solves a genuine human need to tackle the global issue of obesity through the integration of healthy recipes and portion sizes.”

Source: Pocket-lint

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