Shareable Ink: Transfers Handwritten Text Wirelessly to Database

Shareable Ink: Transfers Handwritten Text Wirelessly to Database

For doctors, streamlining their billing can be a problem. For anesthesiologist Vernon Huang this is nothing new. Wanting to find a better way to bridge the gap between what’s written on paper, and what must be entered into an electronic database, he designed a digital pen with a tiny camera embedded right next to the ink cartridge which captures every thing you write on film. The captured footage is later uploaded wirelessly and automatically to their database in Boston.

After filling out, for instance, a patients’ medical record, all you have to do is dock the pen in a cradle or check an invisible box on the paper to initiate the wireless transfer, and encrypted in their server farm in Boston where the strokes are reapplied to the paper where they perform handwriting recognition, and type stamping. All the handwritings were converted into texts, however, charts and signatures were captured as graphics.

In his demonstration, the wireless transfer was done via a cellular network, but according to him at the hospital they will probably use USB cradles.

Source: CNET

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