Share Photos With The Lifeprint Instant Print Camera for iPhone

Most people nowadays prefer sharing photos online rather than having printed pictures. One main reason may be that it is more convenient that way. It may be hassle for some people to print the photos. The task may take so many steps to do aside from needed the right equipment. Maybe if the process becomes more convenient and easy will people again consider having printed pictures around. Having the Lifeprint Instant Print Camera around can do just that.

Instant Print Camera In An iPhone Case

The Lifeprint Instant Print Camera is a special printer case that attaches to an iPhone. This setup then makes the iPhone into an instant photo-making device using ZINK photo paper and technology. iPhone users with the knack to take pictures with their phone and share it online can now have the added option of sharing physical copies of their captured images right then and there.

Along with the Lifeprint Instant Print Camera comes the Lifeprint App which provides added features to make photo printing more exciting. Users can take advantage of the Augmented Reality Hyperphoto Technology to make their photos come to life. Through it, users can insert a secret video within the photo they share. Viewers can then discover, record, and share it on Instagram via the Lifeprint app. Also included with the app is a complete photo editing suite, AR facial filters, and more.

The hardware of the Lifeprint Instant Print Camera itself is just as intriguing. The camera and printer attachment is case-compatible so that users need not remove their existing camera case while using the device. It also comes with an ergonomically designed grip and shutter button to take pictures so that users need not tap on the iPhone screen to click and capture. It also gives the device a retro and analog feel, combined with the modern digital features of the iPhone and the Lifeprint app. The Lifeprint Instant Print Camera is now available exclusively at Apple Stores for around $150.

Image Source: Lifeprint Photos

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