Shake It Ice Cream Maker

Shake It Ice Cream MakerEverybody loves to eat ice cream. Those who do not are either allergic to a particular ingredient in it or does not like sweet and delicious treats. It is especially great during the summer. But hey, I know people who still love eating ice cream even in the coldest weather. It is great if you always get ice cream whenever you feel like eating it. Now you can, with this unique Shake It Ice Cream Maker.

The Shake It Ice Cream Maker is a quirky looking mug designed to look like an ice cream cone filled with some ice cream goodness on top. But it is actually a single-scoop ice cream maker. Take out the lid and you can see a removable small metal bowl. Just place some ice and salt into the inner base then cover it with the metal bowl. Then add in your ice cream ingredients into the bowl and close the lid with a twist. Now give your arms a thorough workout by shaking the ice cream maker vigorously for about 3 minutes. Once you open the lid, you will now get a scoop of your very own soft ice cream. If you wish to have a firmer ice cream, all you need to do is to shake it longer.

The Shake It Ice Cream Maker allows you to make your own ice cream whenever you want to enjoy a scoop or tow of your favorite treat. This functional ice cream maker is handy enough to have around. The set also comes with a list of ice cream recipes. From your classic vanilla ice cream to something unique, you can try making your homemade ice cream and enjoy it whenever you can. It is especially ideal for kids at home. The Shake It Ice Cream Maker is available at Gizoo for 10 UK Pounds or around $15.

Image Source: Gizoo

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