Shaka Wind Meter for iPhone

Ever wonder how windy it is today? While there are weather apps that provide such information, the veracity of its data can be doubtful at times. There is where Shaka, a startup based in Estonia, steps in as they introduce the Shaka Wind Meter for your iPhone.

The battery-free Shaka Wind Meter is plugged into an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad through the headphone socket. Combined with the existing sensors within Apple devices and Shaka’s own app, the wind meter helps measure, record, and display wind-specific weather data. This includes current and average wind speeds, maximum wind gust, ambient temperature, and wind directions. These data are mapped to a location with the help of GPS.

The Shaka Wind Meter is initially intended for people who take part in activities that rely on the power of wind, such as windsurfing, kitesurfing, and handgliding. To accurately determine wind data would enable them to find good wind conditions, as well as decide whether it is conducive and safe to take part in such activities.

But as co-founders Raigo Raamat, Jens Kasemets, and Mihkel G├╝sson, embarked on the project back in 2011, they soon realized more people could benefit from their device. For one, the Shaka Wind Meter can convert a smartphone or tablet into a “connected weather station,” which users can either utilize the data privately or contribute to and access real-time crowdsourced weather data. This can be used by members of the academe, farmers, emergency rescue workers, golfers, and motor sportsmen among others.

The startup plans to add more features aside from being just a simple wind meter, such as providing barometric pressure and humidity sensors to turn the Shaka Wind Meter into the “world’s smallest weather station.”

Shipping is expected to due next month, with pre-orders being accepted worldwide for $69.90. The accompanying app, meanwhile, is free.

Source: TechCrunch

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