Sentry Wireless Speakers and Transmitter

Sentry Wireless Speakers and Transmitter

If you are looking for unique iPod accessories, here is one that you may want to consider. This is a Sentry Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Speaker and Transmitter. This unique gadget allows you to plug your iPod into its docking station and it wirelessly connects to a sturdy speaker. The system can even be expanded to include a total of six speakers all in all. You can even add in a wireless headphone into the system if you wish.

What makes this wireless speaker and transmitter set-up quite appealing is that the speaker itself is water resistant. It can be great for use out of doors as well as indoors. It may be a good speaker that you can use to power up your sound system for your pool parties. The docking station and transmitter can also be used for charging your player. And if you don’t have an iPod, not to worry. This wireless speaker system also can accommodate the use of any type of mp3 player as well as your CD player of even cable box, thanks to the RCA port that this unique gadget is equipped with.

The stylish design adds to the gadget’s appeal. The speaker’s blue LED light makes it quite an attraction especially at night. With its lightweight and durable construction, it can be moved from one place to another easily. Its transmitter and wireless speaker are powered by use of a 12V AC/DC adapter. The transmitter can also be powered by 6 AAA batteries while the speaker can make do with 8 C batteries to make it go.

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