Sensor High-Power LED Aluminum Desk Lamp

Desk lamps may sometimes look so common for most people. It provides a simple function, to provide a dark corner with some light for reading, writing or whatnot. Some may even think that such gadgets no longer needs improvements since it already is what it is. But some people still beg to differ. Any gadget can benefit from some sort of improvement to enhance its functions. One of them is this Sensor high-Power LED Aluminum Desk Lamp.

The Sensor High-Power Led Aluminum Desk Lamp is a handy yet innovative desk lamp that is anything but ordinary. As a desk lamp, it features a set of energy efficient LED bulbs to provide the light. It comes with a rotating base that allows it to be adjusted in different ways. The light bar can flip up to 160 degrees. The arm can be extended up or down from eight to 22 inches using a unique counterweight system.

The Sensor High-Power LED Aluminum Desk Lamp also comes with motion and body heat sensors that can detect whether you are near it. Once it does, it automatically turns itself on. This makes it quite a convenient desk lamp to have around. It also turns itself off after ten minutes of not detecting any motion or your body heat within its vicinity. The desk lamp also has a dimmer switch to adjust the intensity of the light to serve one’s need. The Sensor High-Power LED Aluminum Desk Lamp is available at Amazon for US$184.

Image Source: Amazon

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