SensGard ZEM Headphones

Using headphones has been known to aggravate loss of hearing in people who use it set on high volume. One reason why some do this is due to too much background noise. But there are now new types of headphones that also help cancel out background noise to allow better headphone audio quality at lower volumes.

But while most noise canceling headphones make use of integrated electronics that come with the headphone, the new SensGard ZEM Headphones offer the same feature but does so by eliminating electronics. This new noise canceling headphones make use of noise canceling technology that absorb and eliminate noise through specially designed chambers of the headphones. With no artificial enhancement needed and no added electronics, this reduces the size ans the weight of the headphone making it more compact, handy and comfortable to use. The SensGard ZEM Headphone is available at SensGard with the 31dB model costing around US$99.

Image Source: SensGard

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