SensePlus: iPhone Dock Smoke Alarm

There are many iPhone docks avialable in the market and if one company wants to stand out in this category, they have to come up with something unique. Seattle-based Tonic Product Design did just that with SensePlus, an iPhone dock and companion app that also works as a smoke detector.

The SensePlus iPhone dock, stylistically written as “Sense+”, sets off an alarm while you are sleeping as smoke or carbon monoxide is detected. It comes with a built-in photoelectric smoke detector and carbon monoxide gas sensor (since CO is odorless, yet fatal when inhaled). The device remains in prototype stage and the company hopes for a full-fledged production once its Indiegogo campaign reaches its $150,000 funding goal.

Such a device is very much needed for extra smoke alarms, especially if your detectors were installed 10 year ago (which you should replace, by the way). According to the United States Fire Administration, about 3,500 people die in fires every year in the country. A new household smoke alarm could make a difference between life and loss of property (or even death).

Apart from sounding an alert tone, SensePlus also opens the accompanying app on the connected iPhone. If the smartphone remains unanswered, the app can call preset numbers or prompt you to call 9-1-1. The dock can be powered through a wall outlet, from the docked iPhone or from a built-in backup battery.

So far, the prototype can only dock and charge an iPhone 5 through the Lightning connector, but the designers plan on coming up with future versions for Android and Windows Phones.

The guys behind SensePlus have 41 days to go before their campaign expires. Supporters can pledge for as low as $79 to have their very own SensePlus system, if the funding goals are met.

Source: Indiegogo, via Mashable

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