Sense Mirror Lights Up Your Day

There is probably not a single person who do not spend time in front of a mirror at one time or another during the course of a day. Some may not be aware that they do, maybe due to being quite a common habit or an automatic reflex action of sorts every time one sees a mirror. For those who like this habit, having the Sense Mirror from Simply Human may help light up one’s day.

The Sense Mirror is quite unique in that it does not merely provides users with a means to look into the mirror now and then. It also comes equipped with its own tru-lux light system to provide some lighting where it is needed. It lights up automatically whenever someone gets in front of it. The LED light bulbs simulate natural sunlight making it ideal for checking up on one’s make up or face. The Sense Mirror is made out of stainless steel and is designed to be wireless in order to minimize cable clutter. The Sense Mirror is available at Simple Human for US$200.

Image Source: Simply Human

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