Sennheiser MM450 Bluetooth Wireless Headset

Headsets nowadays often go wireless for more convenience. Bluetooth wireless headsets are becoming more and more popular as a better music listening option while going around. Sennheiser has been one of those companies that cater to this need for good quality wireless headsets. One of their recent offerings is the MM450 Bluetooth Wireless Headset.

The Sennheiser MM450 Bluetooth Wireless Headset is a convenient travel headset with features designed for added convenience. This headset features NoiseGard 2.0 that eliminates unwanted background noise by as much as 90 percent when the headset is being used. It can also be conveniently used to switch in between music listening as well as taking calls. It features a discrete and invisible microphone that adds to the convenience.

The Sennheiser MM450 makes use of Stereo A2DP Bluetooth Technology for hands free convenience as well as provide hi-fi sound output. The headset is also easily foldable for added storage convenience when not being used. This wireless bluetooth headset is available at Sennheiser for US$590.

Image Source: Sennheiser

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