Sennheiser Kleer Open Aire RS180 Wireless Headphones

Gadgets being wireless adds a certain convenience in terms of mobility. For headphones, this can be a welcome feature since wires can sometimes limit how one may enjoy music. Thankfully, wireless headphones such as what the new Sennheiser Kleer RS180 Headphones offer such a feature along with good audio quality.

The Sennheiser Kleer Open Aire RS180 Wireless Headphones features the Kleer wireless technology that delivers uncompressed stereo transmission over 2.4 to 2.8 GHz frequency range for some interference free reception. The Open Aire speaker system used on this pair of headphones mimic the sound properties as provided by HiFi speakers for hyper-real sound quality. Comfort is provided by an around-the-ear design velour earpads and headband cushions. The Sennheiser RS180 Wireless Headphones is available at Sennheiser for US$390.

Image Source: Sennheiser

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