Selfie stamps launched in Philippines

Selfie stamp

Selfie stamp

Much like in most countries, the Philippines’ post office struggles with the shriking amount of snail mail being sent as the population favors email and other digital transactions. In an attempt to make the centuries-old service relevant in this age, the Philippine Postal Corp introduces personalized stamps.

According to Eric Tagle, manager of Philpost’s business line, says photo booths that print these “selfie stamps” will be installed in key tourist areas, wherein people can have their faces be placed on stamps. In a phone interview with Interaksyon, he adds that the first photo booth will be put up in the popular Boracay Island by March, in coordination with the country’s tourism department.

The image above features Josie de la Cruz, PhilPost’s postmaster general.

The post office will then roll out the selfie stamp service in 11 other locations, including Manila’s international airport, Chocolate Hills in Bohol Island, the Luneta Park in Manila, the area near the Underground River in Palawan Island, Davao City, and the northernmost Batanes province.

The selfie stamps cost 210 pesos (US$4.70) per sheet of six stamps. People can also purchase postcards and mail it directly from the photo booth.

This technology is also available in some regions in India, wherein it has been received positively by both tourists and locals.

Source: Interaksyon

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