Self-Training Tennis Tool

Playing better tennis requires regular practice of your tennis swing and on improving your stroke. When trips to the community courts may not be ideal, you can always practice at home. But then again, you usually need a tennis partner. In case you find yourself alone and wanting to practice your swings, this Self-Training Tennis Tool will be a great help.

The Self-Training Tennis Tool is a great device to allow you to practice your tennis swings even if you do not have a training partner. It features a base that you can fill with water and with non-skid pads to make it stay in place. Connected to it is a tennis ball roped with a rubber cord. Place it in a vacant space where you can practice your tennis shots by hitting on the ball. The rubber cord stretches and will return your every shot just as if you are playing with a tennis partner.

The rubber cord is 15 feet long and can stretch to 30 feet if you hit the balls hard enough. You can adjust the rebound of the balls by wrapping the cord around the base of the tennis trainer. It is a great tool for practicing your tennis swing, doing warm ups, as well as improve on your reaction times. You can use it in areas at home such as driveways, garages, and basements with enough space for the tennis ball to fly out and return. The Self-Training Tennis Tool is available at Shock Best for around $33.

Image Source: Shock Best

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