Self Standing Butter Knife

The everyday things that you usually use become void of any surprises simply because you can easily get used to them. You know what they look like and how they function. There are many things that you use daily that belongs into this category. That is why it will come as a great surprise if someone gives a common object a different perspective in terms of design. Such is what this unique Self Standing Butter Knife is able to demonstrate to those that see it.

The Self Standing Butter Knife is a unique take on a common everyday eating utensil. You use it to spread butter over bread during meal times. The usual design that you may be using is that ordinary flat knife that you sometimes have a hard time picking up from the table. This Self Standing Butter Knife gives it a unique but welcome twist.

The Self Standing Butter Knife comes with a weighted handle at one end. This allows it to stand on its own with the sharp and slicing end pointed upwards. What this offers is a way to prevent butter, jam or other spreads use from smearing that pristine-looking table cloth. It is also easier to notice since it may be the only one of those eating utensils that stands on up. The Self Standing Butter Knife is available at Fancy for US$37.

Image Source: Fancy

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