Seismic Powered Clothing Defines The Future In Active Wear

When people are starting about the future of fashion, technology may not always be in their minds. After all, the world of fashion is all about trends that come and go and then repeat itself again. But slowly and surely, technology is creeping up into this field. It may not find its place yet on haute couture, but technology in fashion may make more sense in casual or active wear. One such example may be this unique Seismic Powered Clothing.

Clothing Of The Future

The Seismic Powered Clothing is more than just apparel people use for covering and protection. Thanks to technology, this new type of apparel now is able to provide something of added use- mobility support. The Seismic Powered Clothing is specially designed to augment the wearer’s natural strength with the use of innovative robotics and smart electronics. In a sense, this special type of active apparel can function as an extension of the human body. It can be similar to adding another set of muscles people use from day to day.

The Seismic Powered Clothing is designed initially to provide support for the body’s core. It can provide up to 30 watts of power in support of each hip as well as the lower back. The robotic muscles embedded into the active apparel can contract and relax, similar to how regular muscles work. the apparel itself is made up of three layers- the base layer, the strength layer and the intelligent layer.

The base layer acts as the very apparel that people wear. The strength layer includes the robotic components and sensors that are placed in the outer leg area of the suit and extends to the hip and lower back area. The intelligent layer is contained inside an external pack that holds the onboard computer that acts as the brain for collecting data, connectivity, and adapting to the wearer’s own movements and actions. This futuristic clothing was recently unveiled at TechCrunch Disrupt, considered as the world’s largest technology startup conference. No word yet on when this will be available commercially.

Image Source: MySeismic

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