Seiko Future Plus

Seiko has long been known as a maker of quality watches. But with many other watch makers also trying to make a name for themselves, it gets harder to capture the market just as easily. One way Seiko has continued to do it is by introducing new technology to the manufacture of the new watch models.

With technology, Seiko has been able to design a new type of watch that may not as of yet be available in the market. It has the Seiko Future Now watch that introduces a technology that is more associated with today’s ebooks. The Seiko Future Now watch uses active matrix E-Ink technology on its display. This technology allows the small watch displays to provide higher contrast and visibility from a higher angle as compared to traditional LCD watch displays while requiring a very low level of power. The Seiko Future Now has just recently been unveiled as Seiko’s new project. There is no news yet on when this new watch would hit the shelves.

Image Source: Seiko

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