Seiko Active Matrix EPD Watch

Although there are now various ways available for people to tell time, the wrist watch still remains a popular device. One reason possibly is that it not only is a wrist watch used to tell time, it is also being used as part of one’s fashion sense. But then features also become important for popular watch makers like Seiko.

The technology behind watches still continue to develop and improve. Seiko has recently unleashed its new Active Matrix EPD wrist watch which makes use of the E-Ink Technology for its display. This technology was made popular through e-book readers but has now been utilized in Seiko’s new line of wrist watches.

The Seiko Active Matrix EPD watch is considered to be the world’s first E-Ink watch. It features a 300 dpi Matrix Electrophoretic Display (EPD) that provides a 180 degree visibility and with sharper figures, text and graphics. This technology allows the Seiko Active Matrix EPD watch to run on 1/100th the power needed for a same sized display.

This new Seiko wrist watch also offers world time capability for 32 cities and can be synchronized automatically through radio signal. Its batteries are recharged through an integrated solar panel. The Seiko Active Matrix EPD watch is set to made available sometime in December of this year. But it is expected to cost from 95,500 to 105,000 Japanese Yen in order to have one.

Image Source: Seiko

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