Segway Loomo

Innovation is the key to survival, especially in the world of gadgets. Failure to do so can sometimes lead to being left behind and eventually, obscurity. The best companies understand this and try to develop new as well as existing products with this in mind. One example of innovation at work is the new Segway Loomo.

Segway, the maker of those innovative self-balancing personal transports of the same name, has been around for years now. It is only through this product that they became known for. But that was years before. But now, in order to continue capturing people’s attention, they need to come up with something innovating in order to be relevant in the market that now has similar self-balancing personal transports competing with each other. They have come up with the new Segway Loomo that is more than just a personal mobile transport.

Robotic Companion

The new Segway Loomo is a self-balancing mobile transporter that can go up to speeds of 11 mph and can cover a distance of 22 miles on a full charge. But it is more than just that. The Segway Loomo can also function as an autonomous robot sidekick. It has AI capabilities that allow it to interact with users and function independently. Users can also control the Segway Loomo via their smartphone and they can see, speak, interact, and explore as if they are Loomo. With its advance computer vision, they can shoot stabilized video while following you wherever you go.

The Segway Loomo is currently undergoing a crowdfunding campaign to drum up some capital for its development and production. Interested parties can now pre-order the Segway Loomo at Indiegogo for around $1299. It is expected to retail at a higher price once the first batch is shipped sometime in May of this year.

Image Source: Indiegogo

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