Sega's Beijing 2008 Olympics Games

Beijing Olympics 2008

With Olympic fever nearing, gamers do not need to eagerly await the opening of the Beijing Olympics this August. Now they can experience the fun and excitement from a gaming perspective with the release of Beijing Olympics 2008 from Sega.

The Beijing Olympics 2008 is a realistic sports simulation game that covers the 38 events included in the coming Summer Games in Beijing. Gamers can play with any of the 32 national teams included and compete with others in career and online modes. Playing this game would be like participating as an athlete in the Summer Games in Beijing.

With the Olympic fever fast gaining ground, gamers can also take part in enjoying not only the atmosphere but also participate in the Games themselves and try out their sporting skills through their PC’s or their favored gaming console of choice. Yes, the game is available for the PC as well as Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

Image Source: Sega

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