Sega Ultimate Genesis Collection Brings Us Back to Nostalgia

Sega Ultimate Genesis Collection

Remember when you were growing up and got introduced to the wonderful world of Sega Genesis?  You were enthralled by then advanced graphics and the amazing gameplay.  However, times have changed and those Sega games have become a thing of childhood past, but not anymore.

Sega brings your all-time favorite Genesis games right into your iPhone! The Sega Ultimate Genesis Collection puts together classic Sega titles into one and even adding more games in the future.  Users can buy Sega Genesis games directly from the app, but not without some wallet-hurting consequences.  The first game that you get is free (Space Harrier II), but any other game has its cost.  Sonic the Hedgehog costs US$5.99, Golden Axe for $4.99, Ecco the Dolphin and Shining Force go for $2.99 each.

Just imagine purchasing all those Sega titles that are currently available on the App Store, not to mention the new titles that will come up.  If you buy all of them, you’d be poor in no time.  Let’s hope Sega will come up with a discounted bundle.

Image source:  Gizmodo

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