Seene app captures images in 3D

Seene app

Seene app

While there are specialized cameras that enable you to capture images in 3D, a mobile app would let you make 3D images using just your iPhone. Seene lets you record an object and manipulate the camera angles, resulting in a three-dimensional object moving around the background.

The app exploits the iOS 7’s parallax effect as it plot points on the subject, as the photo below shows. The parallax function determines each point’s location in space as you move the phone around. In turn, the app can estimate the depth of an object based on how distorted it is as the phone moves.

Seene app

Seene works best in well-lit rooms and with detailed objects. Note that the subject has to fit the app’s strict criteria or the result will not be impressive. However, as The Verge reports, even the bad Seenes remain “breathtaking” since you can still alter the image’s perspective as you move your finger around the screen.

Creating a perfect Seene is not as simple as making a Vine or Instagram video, but it takes practice to be able to nail good moving static photos.

Seene is now available on the Apple App Store. It remains unclear if Seene will be offered in other platforms.

Source: The Verge

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