Secure your webcam with Post-it Notes

Secure your webcam using Post-Its

Secure your webcam using Post-Its

When it comes to online privacy, you can never bee too sure. It has been reported that webcams can be remotely activated without your knowledge, recording activities that can be used against you. In fact, the FBI has figured out how to do this, making your online privacy veiled even thinner.

There are ways to secure your webcam and keep it away from unpermitting eyes, but here is one procedure that does not cost much. All you need is a piece of Post-It Note.

Grab your standard 2-by-2-inch Post-It. Any color will do, but just do not go for the super-sticky version. Simply fold the note into thirds, then adhere the sticky portion to the back of your laptop display, while one-third of the sticky note sits on top of the upper edge, and the lower third covers the webcam (just enough that it does not reach or obscure the screen).

While a piece of black tape would be more effective, you may need to use your webcam from time to time, and taking that tape off leaves a sticky residue that is not only hard to clean, but may also render your webcam lens useless.

When you want to use your webcam, raise the flaps of the Post-It up or just remove it completely and just replace it with a new sticky note to secure your webcam all over again.

In case your webcam is remotely accessed, all that hacker will ever see is a close-up of your Post-It instead of your face (or of you on your bed, in case you leave the laptop cover up).

Take note that your webcam can only be compromised with your permission. Many software used to activate webcams contain malware, which are hidden among email links. If you ever click on the link, or even open the mail itself, you have just allowed malicious software to be installed.

Source: Mashable

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