Secure Mail Vault, the Keyless Locking Mailbox

mail box

Do you feel that you cannot trust your nosy neighbors from peering over your mail? Afraid of having important documents being stolen from the mailbox and used without your knowledge? Worry no more because Secure Mail Vault can protect your snail mail from being stolen and vandalized.

It is the first truly-secure residential mailbox that is designed to eliminate the problem of identity theft through stolen mail. The angled slot keeps your mail into a specialized safety box that can hold up to 20 pounds of mail, but prevents the thieves from retrieving them. The safebox notifies you of incoming mail, which you can get by pressing the combination in the keyless lock.

The Secure Mail Vault assures you of sturdiness against rusts and vandals, including getting hit by baseball bats. It does not have exposed nuts and screws that thieves can dismantle. The order comes complete with assembly instructions, tools, mail box post, mounting flange, leveling device, an emergency battery supply, and AA batteries for the touch pad. Available on at $299.

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