Seated Strider

Seated StriderLet’s be honest. Not all of us really have time to exercise. That is what most of us tend to believein. One reason is because we tend to think of exercise as spending time at the gym or goingoutside for some physical activities. Not all people really have the time to do so. But that doesnot necessarily mean that we cannot exercise. Devices like the Seated Strider ensure that we candevote time to exercise in our busy schedules.

The Seated Strider is a device that can provide a low-impact cardiovascular workout even whileyou are seated. It imitates that movement of a typical stride but without the impact and pressure on the joints and ligaments. It makes use of a patented 360-degree hinges that allow the legs togo backward or forward, inward or outward, and even in a circular arc. This will give your legs athorough workout by moving them in different ways to work up those muscles.

The mini strider is portable and allows users to set it up easily in front of your favorite seat inthe living room or under an office desk. You can conveniently do your exercises while at workor when watching your favorite shows on television. Its large and textured footrests allow you tokeep your shoes firmly in place as you use the Seated Strider. Now you do not have any reasonto say that you cannot find the time to exercise.

What makes the Seated Strider even better is its portability. You can fold it to half its size withinseconds for easy handling and storage when not in use. You can even have it always readyin your car when you are going on trips in case you have the urge to get some much neededexercise while on the road. It is durable as well. Made of sturdy powder-coated steel frame, theSeated Strider is available at Hammacher Schlemmer for $100.

Image Source: Hammacher Schlemmer

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