SeaLife Mini II Dive And Sport Digital Camera

Underwater cameras are basically built to function underwater. Being waterproof is its main feature aside from the capability of getting crisp and clear underwater images. But most of such underwater digital cameras today are marketed towards professional photographers and may cost quite a lot to have. The new SeaLife Mini II Dive and Sport  Digital Camera on the other hand, is being marketed to casual users and those who wish to have an underwater camera to bring along on their next vacation.

The new SeaLife Mini II Dive and Sport Digital Camera is capable of shooting images underwater despite is small size. It can function at depths of up to 130 feet without the next of an external housing. Its 9MP sensor allows users to capture great quality images while under the water.

Aside from that, the SeaLife Mini II Dive and Sport Digital Camera is also built for toughness while out of the water. This rugged digital camera features a sturdy rubber armor enclosure that not only provides users with better surface grip but also provides added protection for the camera. The SeaLife Mini II camera can withstand drops of up to 2 meters high and still work. It is also virtually crushproof. The SeaLife Mini II Dive and Sport Digital Camera is available at SeaLife for US$260.

Image Source: SeaLife

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