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underwater explorer drone

underwater explorer droneThe popularity of air drones these days have become quite wide-ranging. They have become  essential tools for some people while others consider them as toys or recreational devices. Attached with a camera, it allows users to get a view of things from a different perspective- from up above. But what may work on the air may also be applied under the sea. This is where the SeaDrone Underwater Explorer comes in.

The SeaDrone Underwater Explorer is a special drone designed for exploring the surroundings under bodies of water. It is a suitable substitute for people who need not go underwater to see what’s underneath the sea. Designed to be a capable underwater robot, the SeaDrone Underwater Explorer weighs 5 kilos and can easily be controlled by a single person using a tablet loaded with an accompanying app. Aside from a host of essential sensors, this underwater drone also comes with a smart camera and a video stabilization system that enables it to capture stable HD video footage that helps eliminate the pitch and roll of the drone while underwater.

The SeaDrone Underwater Explorer also comes with a 5000 mAh rechargeable battery that allows it to operate up to three hours and can be recharged for just an hour to again achieve full power capacity. With the convenience of controlling the SeaDrone from a tablet, exploring what is beneath the sea can now be a dry experience. There is no need to go dive in the frigid waters and get wet. This becomes a convenience for people who would like to check up equipment below the water or even checking fishing nets. Users can also take advantage of its portability and quality footage to capture beautiful underwater scenes at less the risk.

The SeaDrone Underwater Explorer is basically designed for work-related use. But its use for recreational purposes cannot also be denied. Interested individuals may first need to consider if they have the financial means to get one. That is because the SeaDrone Underwater Explorer does not come cheap, with prices that start at $2,500. But just like the air drone, its price may eventually go down once it captures attention and its popular use grows. But until then, you can check it out at their website for yourself.

Image Source: SeaDrone

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