Scribd e-book service now available on Kindle

Scribd comes to Kindle Fire

Scribd comes to Kindle Fire

More than selling tablets, Amazon is earning boatloads of money as they sell movies, music, apps, and books from its propriety stores. Another company, however, is trying to challenge Kindle’s own bookstore.

Scribd, a $9-a-month e-book subscription service, is now available on Kindle Fire tablets. Just like its previous versions in Android, iOS, and on the web, Scribd Kindle version offers unlimited books to readers on a monthly basis, as well as share to social networking sites what they have been reading and embed books onto websites.

There is only one catch: Scribd has a deal with just one major publishing hourse, HarperCollins, while the remaining titles are from independent publishers. So while you are reading the Divergent series or To Kill A Mockingbird, you are missing out on stuff like the Game of Thrones series.

At $9 a month, Scribd’s service could be worth the money if you read most of the time.

Source: Engadget

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