Screenshot of Internet Explorer 9 Leaked

We do not know whether it was an accident or deliberate, but Microsoft briefly posted a screenshot of the upcoming Internet Explorer 9 on its Russian way before its announcement. The image has since been pulled out, but Microsoft peeps probably forgot that the keyboard has a print screen button.

Judging from the screenshot, it appears that the IE9 will have a minimalistic interface, similar to Google Chrome. Imitation aside, we are glad that they have gotten rid of the clunk and junk Internet Explorer is known for. The controls, for instance, can now be found in the top right, while the search and address bars are combined into one. The image also indicates that the updated browser will have tabs that can be torn off and repositioned independently, much like other browsers around.

The Internet Explorer 9 is expected to come on September 15.

Source: ZDNet, via Engadget

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