Scoshe goBAT II Portable Backup Battery

Mobile phones and other portable devices can more or less go empty at a time when you most need it. This can become quite a common hassle for most people, especially to those who do not always come prepared by bringing their device chargers all of the time. There are now quite a number of alternatives available like the new Scoshe goBAT II Portable Backup Battery to make sure that people still keep their portable devices running on power while on the road.

The Scoshe goBAT II is a portable backup battery and device charger that can be used for a variety of mobile devices. It features dual USB charging ports that allow two devices to be charged simultaneously. Its internal 5000mAh ion battery can provide enough power to charge an Apple iPhone 4 2.6 times. A 2.0 Amp USB port allows for charging tablets while the 1.0 Amp port reserved for smaller mobile devices. The Scoshe goBAT II is now available at Scoshe for US$90.

Image Source: Scoshe

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