Scosche foundIT Wireless Item Locator

Ever had problems trying to remember where you placed those keys? Have you ever had a senior moment where you misplaced them and have a hard time trying to remember where they are? It usually happens with age and it can easily become a frustration for many people. But you can let technology help you ease some of them. You can have the Scosche foundIT Wireless Item Locator to help you find what you think were lost keys.

The Scosche foundIT Wireless Item Locator is a useful device to help you keep track of items that you frequently misplace. You can use it to identify their location within 100 feet from where you are. This useful device can help you locate any item connected to it with the use of Bluetooth. This device works with Bluetooth Low Energy devices and can be paired up with your iPhone.

The Scosche foundIT can also help you remember where you park your car. You can use foundIT to take a GPS snapshot of your car in its location just before you leave it. This way it may be easier to locate in a vast parking lot where you previously have problems locating it. The Scosche foundIT can also be used to alert you every time you get up to a certain distance away for any valuable item you have. You can set the device to emit an audible sound to alert you if you part too far away from an item. This is a valuable device to have to alert you if you leave your laptop or smartphone at a store, shop or even your home before you go to the office. The Schosche foundIT can be a valuable device to have for those who have been suffering from frequent forgetfulness lately. It is available at Scosche for US$50 which is good for two proximity sensors.

Image Source: Scosche

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