SCiO: Your pocket-friendly calorie scanner

SCiO calorie scanner

SCiO calorie scanner

Do you wish you could easily scan how many calories is contained in that apple you are holding in the grocery store? While there are smartphone apps that could help you with that, the results are mostly based on estimates. Meanwhile, the SCiO molecular sensor could display the most precise results when it comes to determining the calories in food.

This pocket-sized, scientist-developed gadget is a patent of Consumer Physics Inc., a startup based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Simply place the sensor near an object, then press the button for two seconds, and SCiO immediately analyzes the object’s chemical composition before sending the information to your smartphone via cloud.

The data displayed depends on the food you are scanning. For instance, fruits would include the carbohydrate content apart from calories, while cheese would also feature its fat, carbs, and protein.

While the company has developed a working prototype, it has yet to create the finished product, which is why it is asking Kickstarter backers for $200,000 funding. As of this writing, the crowdsourcing campaign has reached over $2.4 million from over 11,000 users. Interested backers have five days left to give a pledge starting at $199 to get their very own SCiO when it ships in December this year.

Source: Mashable

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