Sci Fi Channel to Be Rebranded Syfy

Sci Fi Channel Logo

The Sci Fi Channel has recently been enjoying a growing viewership and better ratings. And in a way to help its current audience identify with a more unique and identifiable brand of programming, the said channel will be changing its name into Syfy on air as well as its online version beginning July 7th of this year, according to its press release.

Although its viewers may at first look at the new brand as a departure from what its core audience have grown accustomed to for more than 16 years, the people who run it believe that the change may usher a unique identity that people would someday easily tag on the popular channel. Although the spelling of the name might have changes, it is still phonetically similar to the previous brand, retaining some sort of connection or identity that people would still remember.

The new Syfy brand would also come with a new tagline, "Imagine Greater". The aim is to acquire a globally relevant and trademarkable brand that can be unique for people to help it identify with the television network. In the short term, some people may find it quite a departure seeing the new name evolution, at least from a visual perspective. But that may just be a normal path that all new brands have to go to, until the people finally get used to them.

Just consider today’s brands such as YouTube, Hulu, and even Google. Who would have thought such unique sounding brands would someday become common and highly recognizable terms? After all, it is not always the brand that counts. It is what the brand offers. The people at Sci Fi Channel just hope the same will happen with Syfy.

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